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Fully Automatic Spiral Wound Gasket Winding Machine

Fully Automatic Spiral Wound Gasket Winding Machine

As the advanced manufacturer of Full automatic spiral wound gasket winding machine, our machine has 2 years's guarantee period


Fully Automatic Spiral Wound Gasket Winding Machine - WSG05

Full automatic spiral wound gasket winding machine is commonly used for creating spiral wound gasket diameter size from Φ20 to Φ80 mm. And the fully automatic spiral wound gasket winding machine is created fully auto, very easy to function to help make spiral wound gaskets. All the process for making spiral wound gasket is controlled by touchscreen like the stainless steel tape feeding as well as cutting, graphite filler tape supplying and cutting, accurate measurement of dimensions, spot welding points and solder joint distance and position location. Those all help the gasket machine to produce a trustworthy assure for the quality of the gasket production.

After setting the gasket sizes by using the PLC screen, the machine will stop automatically when the gasket size reach to the set diameter. In this way gasket quality is controlled strictly as set parameter and it make operate easily by preform processing of flat stainless steel strip and automatic welding.

FullY automatic spiral wound gasket winding machines

Main Feature:

• To obtain the automated feeding of graphite as well as metallic, thoroughly automatic creation process manage, drastically increases creation productivity as well as regularity of output.
• The winding machine can be packaged throughout the spacer pad ranges from 19-80 mm gasket. And radial pads, flatness adjustable.
• working with a servo motor unit as the power, to obtain accurate manage, allowing for larger dimensional persistence, simple to put together.
• To have the PLC control, plus with a touch screen, it is easy to set the parameters, as well as change between manually operated and automated, and also might be held in diverse product parameters to fulfill clients, specially many models of little batch creation mode needs.
• It has SS metal strip forming roller to obtain a V-shape metal strip automated molding process, getting rid of the need for a pre-compression molding steps. In the meantime, in the event the SS strip material 20 kg, in comparison to 3 to 5 kg of V-shape or W-shape loading mechanism on conventional machines. Significantly saving strip changing time period.
• Auto welding, as compared to classic manual welding. In addition to substantially enhance productivity, but additionally possesses the effect of welding, weld consistency great, uniform distribution of solder joints and many other advantages.
• Gasket mold computerized ejection, immediately after the completion of the winding, automated mold shrinkage, not any cylinder or mechanical stripping force.

What Gasket Size the Machine Can Make

Gasket Range: Basic spiral wound gasket from φ19-φ80 mmundefined
Thickness: 4.5 mm or 3.2 mm or other thickness

Technical Specification

Description Value Unite
Operation Type Automatic -
Gasket thickness 3.2 or 4.5 mm
Min gasket inner ring Φ 20 mm
Max gasket outer ring Φ 80
Tolerance of gasket +/- 0.3
Total Power 3 kw
Power voltage 220/380 as need V
Net weight Max 360 kgs
Machine dimension 120*85*160 cm

China FullY Automatic Spiral Wound Gasket Winding Machine