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Sealing Raw Materials

From us Ningbo Sunshine Sealing Technology Co., Ltd, you can get high quality sealing raw materials such as V-shape stainless steel, flat stainless steel tape, graphite tape, corrugated graphite tape, PTFE Tape filler which are for spiral wound gaskets producing, and all kinds of fiber yarns such as PTFE yarn, kevlar fiber yarn, graphite PTFE yarn, carbon fiber yarn, nomex fiber yarn, ramie fiber yarn which are used for producing braided gland packing.

As the one of China leading manufacturer of sealing raw materials, you can get quality products and we can send you the order in very short time. Pls kindly sign up our name in your sellers list for supply of sealing raw materials used for your production of gaskets and braided gland packing. Any need for gaskets please kindly go ahead and call us. We will provide our best services.