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Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings

Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings

Over 5000+ different sizes of Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings we can make. And any shapes or size we can do according to custom need.


Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings - Sunraz™

Sunraz™ Perfluoroelastomer FFKM o-rings are the best high-performance group of rubber o-rings together with the maximum temperatures (up to 330°C) as well as best chemical resistance. FFKM o-rings are specifically created for extraordinary purposes where up time efficiency is worth the significantly higher cost in comparison with additional standard rubber products.

We can easily produce and also deliver perfluoroelastomer FFKM o-rings, seals, and gaskets developed from several different FFKM components. We can offer FFKM o-rings in conventional shapes in addition to seals and also gaskets in unique styles to fit your special features.

Perfluoroelastomer FFKM o-rings are usually suitable for their wide temp range, chemical level of resistance in numerous ruthless programs, and extended services life. A series of Sunraz™ FFKM O-Rings is invented by us Ningbo Sunshine in order to support our customer can easily switch from earlier suppliers in order to save their cost a lot. Clients who applied Kalrez®, Chemraz®, and PERFREZ® solutions before can also obtain their counterparts in our product checklist. We certainly have chemical resistance compound FFKM O-rings series and high temperature resistance compound FFKM O-rings range, and also high purity FFKM series. Personalized compound design and style is accepted by request. We offer common FFKM O-rings in AS-568, JIS B2401, JIS P, JIS V, JIS G, JIS S and global metric.

Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings

The 3 Well-known Brand names of FFKM Perfluoroelastomer in the World.

DuPont™ Kalrez®

DuPont™ Kalrez® FFKM O-rings, seals, and gaskets constructed from DuPont™ can resist over 1,800 unique chemicals as well as offer high temperature firmness similar to PTFE, temperature as much as 327°C. Kalrez® FFKM is well-suited to utilize in the handling of highly intense chemicals, semiconductor wafer fabrication, drug refinement, oil and natural gas recovery, and also aerospace programs.
Kalrez® o-rings, gaskets, and seals give demonstrated, long-term overall performance, this means a smaller amount frequent replacement, repair, and examination and greater operation as well as equipment uptime for increased production and overall yield.

By decreasing particulates, cutting down extractables, and also resisting degradation in severe plasma circumstances, Kalrez® FFKM o-rings also aid prevent pollution in semiconductor handling. This material also delivers low outgassing in vacuum-sealing applications.


Chemraz® FFKM provides excellent level of resistance to heat and also most chemicals and solvents. Its greatest advantages, nonetheless, possibly its amount of resistance to steam and also significantly advanced low-temperature properties. The principle monomer of Chemraz® is tetrafluoroethylene (TFE), though its subsequent and third perfluorinated monomers are exclusive to the materials, and also provide the balance of its helpful features.

Chemraz® FFKM is the most powerful elastomer designed for challenging oilfield purposes. It gives you superb sealing effectiveness when subjected to mixes of extreme downhole chemical substances, as well as is often given by operators. Specially-formulated materials can give enhanced resistance to fast gas decompression and abrasion, in so doing minimizing down time for routine maintenance necessities.


Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM perfluoroelastomer o-rings offer the greatest quantities of performance of all FFKM elastomers. This material is proof against nearly every class of chemicals, as well as some grades can refrain from temperature conditions over 572°F/300°C, making Tecnoflon® PRF FFKM the best choice for requiring sealing applications.

And other FFKM rubber compounds such as Perlast® FFKM, Isolast® FFKM, Parofluor® FFKM also famous in markets. And our Sunraz™ can replace them in a cheaper cost.

China Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings

Exactly why We Use FFKM Compound

• Rapid Gas Decompression resistant materials for high pressure settings for oil and gas purposes
• High purity elements for reduced operation pollution for semiconductor applications
• Federal drug administration, USP Type VI and 3A 18-03 compliance for foodstuff as well as pharmaceutical purposes
• Developed to ISO9001 principles to ensure high-quality product.
• Natural compounds sourced from quality-approved distributors.
• Remarkable natural gas and liquid permeation level of resistance.
• Great performance in heavy steam and hot water
• Great resistance to extreme chemicals
• High temp steadiness up to 327°C
• Almost universal chemical resistance
• Fantastic mechanical qualities

Applications for High-performance FFKM O-rings

• Suited to intense decompression, CIP, SIP and hygienic applications.
• O-ring for fuel distribution, lubricant and chemical agents
• Component part elements for the semiconductor industry
• Hoses and pipes for gas and lubricant programs
• Highly intense chemical producing
• Semiconductor wafer manufacturing
• Aerospace purposes
• Oil and gas healing
• Turbo charge hoses
• Fuel tank bladders
• Rotary shaft seals
• Pharmaceutic
• Manifold seals
• Valve seals
• Gaskets

China FFKM O-rings

What is FFKM and FFKM Same As Kalrez®?

Via the 1960s, there had been a growing desire for a polymer that was in fact far more chemically protected as well as had higher temp capabilities. Perfluoroelastomers ended up the natural conclusions, combining the chemical substance amount of resistance of PTFE with the versatility as well as resilience of normal FKMs. Originally, this next phase of elastomer technologies was almost exclusively the preserve of space programs and chemical operations. Nevertheless, FFKM had been soon appreciated by the wider manufacturing community, the moment its valuable properties became well-known.

FFKM, or perfluoroelastomer, contains higher amounts of fluorine than standard FKM, and features higher temperature ratings, up to approximately 325°C. FFKM also has improved chemical resistance, with nearly universal chemical compatibility

Perfluoroelastomers FFKM are best known as DuPont™ Kalrez, although other grades do exist. The compounds contain fully fluorinated polymer chains and hence offer the ultimate performance of elastomers when considering heat and chemical resistance.

Sunraz™ Chemical Resistant Enhanced FFKM Parts

Equivalent product: Kalrez® 6375, Chemraz® 505

Physical Properties
Test Method CR750B CR750W CR756B CR800B CR900B CR600W
Color ASTM D2240 Black White Black Black Black White
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 75 74 76 80 90 60
100% Modulus, MPa
ASTM D412 17.5 4.5 11.5 11 17 4.5
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa ASTM D395B 17.5 10 15.9 18 21 14
Elongation at Break 100% ASTM D412 177 190 129 150 125 190
Compression set(%, 70 hr @ 200 °C) ASTM D395B
22 25 20 24 30 18.8
Max Continuous Working Temp - 230 250 175 250 250 250

Sunraz™ High Temperature Resistant FFKM Parts

Equivalent product : Kalrez® 4079
Physical Properties Test Method HT750B HT750W HT900B
Color ASTM D2240 Black Cream White Black White
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 75 74 90 60
100% Modulus, MPa
ASTM D412 6 4.5 13 3.2
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa ASTM D395B
14 7.5 16.5 10
Elongation at Break 100% ASTM D412
260 260 110 190
Compression set(%, 70 hr @ 200 °C) ASTM D395B
23 24 27 11
Max Continuous Working Temp °C - 330 330 330 330

Sunraz™ Ultra-pure, Low Outgassing FFKM Parts

Equivalent product : Kalrez® 8100, 9100, 9300
Physical Properties
Test Method UP650D UP750D UP800W
Color ASTM D2240 Transparent dark amber Transparent dark amber Cream White White
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 65 74 80 82
100% Modulus, MPa
ASTM D412 3.3 6.2 4.7 8
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa ASTM D395B
12.9 17 11.6 12.8
Elongation at Break 100% ASTM D412
210 250 300 180
Compression set(%, 70 hr @ 200 °C) ASTM D395B
12.5 17 24.8 34
Max Continuous Working Temp °C - 315 315 315 280

Sunraz™ FDA Standard FFKM Parts

Physical Properties
Test Method FDA800B FDA800W
Color ASTM D2240 Black White
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 75 75
100% Modulus, MPa
ASTM D412 16 6
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa ASTM D395B
17.6 12
Elongation at Break 100% ASTM D412
180 210
Compression set(%, 70 hr @ 200 °C) ASTM D395B
17 27
Max Continuous Working Temp °C - 250 250

Sunraz™ Low Compression Set and High Temperature FFKM Parts

Equivalent Kalrez 7075

Physical Properties Test Method LC700 LC701
Color ASTM D2240 Black Black
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 75 75
100% Modulus, MPa
ASTM D412 10.5 8.9
Tensile Strength at Break Mpa ASTM D395B
15 12.5
Elongation at Break 100% ASTM D412
180 181
Compression set(%, 70 hr @ 200 °C) ASTM D395B
15 12.5
Max Continuous Working Temp °C - 250 330

FFKM chemical resistance guide

FFKM chemical resistance guide