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Non-asbestos Gasket Sheets

Ningbo Sunshineâ„¢ is among the China top Manufacturer and Supplier of Compressed Non-asbestos Gasket Sheets, we can manufacture as well as stocks huge volume Compressed  Non-asbestos Gasket Sheets Materials to the world market. Right here you could get ISO 9001 quality standard Compressed Non-asbestos Gasket Sheets materials which used for your gasket production in short time and with extremely quality.

From the developing of our company in excess of twenty years, we have all forms of Compressed Non-asbestos Gasket Sheets Materials include black, green, blue color. And the non-asbestos gasket sheet can be reinforced with stainless steel such as SS 304 or graphite coated both sides to add high temper resistance. All the gasket sheet materials can be used in different continues temperature from -40 oC to 280 oC. And because we store huge quantity of raw materials for making the gasket sheets, so your purchases can be delivered in very short time around 3 to 7 days. And with the help of our advanced Non-asbestos Gasket Sheet equipment and professional experienced technical employees, the cost of the Non-asbestos Gasket Sheet materials we make quite lower than other suppliers, so you can definitely have the gasket sheet you require in top quality and affordable price from us Ningbo Sunshine.