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Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Whole range of metal clad jacketed gaskets such as flat double jacketed gasket, single metal jacketed gasket, corrugated metal double jacketed gasket. Fast delivery and top quality.


What Is Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Style DJ35 Double metal jacketed gaskets are generally utilized in heat exchangers but will often be exchanged by kammprofile grooved gaskets. Double metal jacketed gaskets might be created with a number of metals and temperatures fillers. Because the resilience and recovery attributes of these kinds of gaskets are limited, double metal jacketed gaskets require clean flange surface area coatings, great bolt loads as well as flange flatness in an effort to seal effectively.

Double metal jacketed gasket includes soft filler like flexible graphite, ceramic fiber and also PTFE tape filler encapsulated in a very metallic material. The soft filler material presents compressibility as well as resilience although the jacketed precious metal gives compressive strength as well as blow out amount of resistance. Metal jacketed gasket is especially specially designed and also widely used for heat exchangers, autoclaves, columns, pressure vessels, flue piles, boilers, gas mains, device bonnets, pumping systems and also similar products and services. A lot of metallic jacketed gaskets will be provided in circle kind but they could be manufactured with other designs to match individual necessities.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets are usually obtainable in a thorough choice of materials as well as are custom made to purchasers particular design prerequisites and also are almost without the size limits. Need to gaskets be required to accommodate standard requirements, Metal Jacketed Gaskets might be produced to ASME B16.21 and EN 1514-4.

Each one gasket is actually individually hand made using careful attention, by way of our highly skilled craftsmen, to be able to ensure ease of fitting and also longer support life.
ss304, ss316L Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Types of Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

(1) DJ35 - Double metal jacketed gasket. 

Double metal jacketed gaskets will be probably the normally used style of gaskets for heat exchanger usage. They come in just about any material that is definitely commercially accessible in 26 gauge sheet. They are also extensively utilized in regular flanges the spot that the service is not crucial. As most double jacketed gaskets are actually made to order, there is practically no limit to dimensions, structure or design in which these gaskets is usually made.

Double metal jacketed gaskets

(2) DJ36 - Double metal jacketed corrugated gasket.

This double-jacketed corrugated gasket can be an advancement over a basic jacketed gasket in that the particular corrugations on the gasket can provide another labyrinth seal. In addition, it delivers the advantage of lowering the contact section of the gasket, maximizing its compressive attributes. A double metal jacketed corrugated gasket still depends on the actual primary seal on the inside lap.

Double metal jacketed corrugated gasket

(3) DJ37 - Double jacketed corrugated gasket with corrugated metal filler. 

With temperature conditions in excess of your range of 900° F to 1000° F in which the standard soft filler will be normally not recommended, a double jacketed corrugated metallic gasket with a corrugated stainless steel filler might be effective. This unique style offers the advantages of the double jacketed corrugated metal gasket and, in addition, considering that the filler is normally the same material since the gasket itself, the upper temperatures limit will be based upon the steel being utilized. This particular type of gasket, based upon steel preferred, is specially designed to turn into a heat exchanger gasket for high stress, large temperature applications.

Double jacketed corrugated gasket with corrugated metal filler

(4) DJ38 - Double metal jacketed double shell gasket. 

The double jacketed and double shelled gasket will be similar to the double jacketed gasket except that it has a shell and also a washer, 2 shells are usually utilized in the production of the gasket. They have the benefits of a double lap at the two inner diameter as well as the outer diameter of the gasket, placing better stableness to the gasket. This design will hold up against greater compressive loads. Double metal shell gaskets are normally tied to utilize in high stress programs.

Double metal jacketed double shell gasket

(5) DJ40 - Single metal jacketed gasket. 

The majority of purposes for single metal jacketed gaskets are actually normally 6.4 mm or less in radial width. This type of gasket is widely used in atmosphere instrument purposes and motor purposes where space will be limited, gasket sitting types of surface are thin and also relatively minimal compressive forces are usually available for seating the gasket.

Single metal jacketed gasket

(6) DJ41 - Single metal jacketed overlap gasket. 
In the single jacketed overlap gasket structure the maximum flange width will be approximately 6.4 mm. this type of gasket is utilized when total enclosure on the soft filler material is definitely required and when the flange width causes it to be unrealistic to use a double jacketed gasket.

Single metal jacketed overlap gasket

And all the types of metal jacketed gasket can be made with metal ribs.

Materials of Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Materials Max temp (°F) Materials
Max temp (°F)
Commen Brasses 500 Silver 1200
Copper 600 Nickel 1400
800 SS 430 1400
SS 304
1000 Monel 1500
SS 316
1000 SS 309 1600
Soft Iron
1000 SS 321 1600
1000 SS 347 1600
SS 410 1200 Inconel 2000
SS 50
1150 Hastelloy

Advantages of Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

The metal jacketed gasket is rather ideal for narrow flanges, great temperatures purposes, and possesses fantastic blow-out amount of resistance, high elasticity as well as recovery. This kind gasket is reasonably priced and also perfect sealing stability, and also almost all dimension and structure is usually made to order. It is extremely east to deal with and install.

Applications of Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

• High pressure oil industry drilling and also output devices.
• Boilers as well as operation equipment.
• Petrol and also chemical plants.
• Control device Bonnet Gasket.
• Heat exchangers.
• Pressure vessels.
• Pipe flanges.
• Autoclaves.

Shapes for Heat Exchanger Gaskets with Ribs

Style shaps for Metal heat exchanger gaskets with ribs